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Would you like to live the rest of your life with the freedom of looking forward?

Forgiveness is one of the single-most powerful tools for eliminating negative emotions and past grievances.  It allows you to erase the pain that you carry around from the past, so that you can live more peacefully in the moment.  It is also one of the most difficult practices, one that many people struggle to make a part of their spiritual toolkit. 

Top 5 Takeaways

By learning the tool of forgiveness in this course, you will be able to experience the following benefits:

  • The ability to let go of the pain of the past
  • A capacity for greater connection with and empathy for others
  • A renewed sense of lightness and peace
  • A greater capacity to handle interpersonal conflict
  • An increased ability to be in the moment—when meditating and in everyday life

To make forgiveness more accessible to you, this course provides you with 7 modules, each addressing a key aspect of forgiveness.  In these modules, you’ll learn what forgiveness and what it is not.  You’ll learn how to forgive and how to work with the blocks to forgiveness.  The course is designed to help you move through the pitfalls and resistance that everyone faces when working with forgiveness as a spiritual practice.

Each module comes with a short video that explains a critical aspect of forgiveness, followed by a PDF with homework exercises. Most of the modules also come with a supplemental video, either a guided meditation or an additional forgiveness technique.  Each module builds on the previous one to deepen your understanding of forgiveness. You are able to move from one module to the next at your own pace, building your capacity to forgive at a pace that works for you and your schedule.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Module One

    • Forgiveness Course Module 1 (Your Superpower)

    • Forgiveness Course (Metta Meditation for Module 1)

    • Module 1 Homework

  • 2

    Module Two

    • Forgiveness Course Module 2 (Rewriting the Story)

    • Module 2 Homework

  • 3

    Module Three

    • Forgiveness Course (Light Transmission for Module 3)

    • Forgiveness Course Module 3 (Divine Assistance)

    • Forgiveness Course (Golden Light Meditation for Module 3)

    • Module 3 Homework

  • 4

    Module Four

    • Forgiveness Course Module 4 (Self-Forgiveness)

    • Forgiveness Course Module 4 (Future Self Meditation)

    • Module 4 Homework

  • 5

    Module Five

    • Forgiveness Course Module 5 (Parents)

    • Forgiveness Course (Ho_oponopono for Module 5)

    • Module 5 Homework

  • 6

    Module Six

    • Forgiveness Course Module 6 (Lineage _ Past Life Karma)

    • Module 6 Homework

  • 7

    Module Seven

    • Forgiveness Course Module 7 (Resilience)

    • Module 7 Homework

Patrick Paul Garlinger experienced a dramatic spiritual awakening years ago when he began to meet numerous spiritual teachers and experience higher states of consciousness. In 2016, Patrick underwent an awakening of his kundalini and began to channel works of spiritual wisdom. The first channeled work, Seeds of Light: Channeled Transmissions on the Christ Consciousness, was published in March 2017 and awarded the 2018 Living Now Silver Medal for Metaphysics. Bending Time: The Power to Live in the Now, was released in June 2018. His latest channeled work, A World Without Identity: The Sacred Task of Uniting Humanity, is forthcoming in January 2020.  Patrick also published in 2016 When Thought Turns to Light: A Practical Guide to Spiritual Transformation, a non-channeled introduction to spiritual techniques for readers seeking to incorporate more peace, joy, and wonder into their everyday lives, which won the 2017 Living Now Spirit Book Award.

What Others Are Saying

“I wasn't sure exactly what to expect when I met with Patrick. I had never had energy work before. I wasn’t even sure I knew exactly what it was! The experience was more powerful than I could have imagined. His presence, clarity and ability to understand what I was feeling and transform it into healing, was deeply moving. I felt very, very seen and supported, with wisdom that helped me for months after our session, reverberating through many parts of my life. I remain deeply grateful.” Y.S., New York, NY

"I've worked with Patrick for about 6 months and the results are FANTASTIC! In a matter of months I uncovered and completely resolved emotional blocks that had been holding me back throughout my life! I shifted from always looking for something that would make me what I thought I should be to unconditional self-love and acceptance that is priceless. Through all the healing that Patrick did with me, I was able to release attachments and fears that sabotaged my business. I easily and effortlessly enroll clients into my coaching programs and feel incredible lightness and confidence in the process. The most important shift that happened, though, was in my relationship with my mom. I no longer hold the anger and resentment that I had been carrying with me for decades. I'm now at peace with my mom, even though she hasn't changed. The internal shift and healing I experienced were enough to transform my attitude towards my mom. Lastly, in my most important relationship, with my husband, it's becoming better, more intimate and fun every day; the lightness of it makes me feel joyful and ALIVE. I'm forever grateful to Patrick for all the healing and transformation it created in the most important areas of my life. Thank you SO very much! You're an amazing true healer. I'm blessed to have worked with you and a better person because of it." -- P.S., New York, NY

"I approached Patrick because I had been struggling with decisions based around my career. I have very recently felt more pressure/demands and needed help to find clarity in my work. My anxiety was so great I was having trouble sleeping and it had begun to affect my family interactions as well. After our first session and truly finding the root of my concerns, Patrick really helped me to focus during our time together to release my anxiety. I instantly felt extremely relaxed and within a little more than a week felt a great change in my thoughts around my work. I could feel my anxiety decrease and was able to sleep and interact with my family again. I found the experience incredibly beneficial and would recommend his services to anyone looking to become more content and spiritually healthy!" -- E.L., St. Louis, Missouri

"A profound trauma, the violent death of my father has long hidden in my subconscious. Decades ago the concept of supporting a child through experiencing an unthinkable act of violence and loss was cursorily addressed and in my case not at all. Patrick in the most gentle and kind way opened the way for me to see the loss of my father as "abandonment" albeit not of his making. This truth has made its way into my psyche and has given me the courage and strength to take a long journey to the country of my birth and finally learn the facts of what occurred and to visit his graveside (something I have not done for more than fifty years). This decision has given me a sense of freedom & strength that I have never had. My gratitude to Patrick and his authenticity is manifold. My deepest thanks!!" -- D.J.K., location withheld

"Taking Patrick’s chakra workshop has been a moving experience. In just a couple of hours I was able to learn in detail what each chakra was, what each entailed and tools to align our chakras on our own. I left empowered knowing that I can take action of my own to align them. I had very little knowledge about each chakra but Patrick was able to condense the information and present it detailed enough for us to understand. Patrick also searched within each and every single one of us to see which chakra needed work and attention. This also impacted me deeply as identified and knew that what he was expressing about my chakras was entirely correct. I highly recommend others to take this workshop at any level of experience and knowledge about the chakras. It will truly leave you speechless, empowered and knowledgeable. Thank you so much Patrick for offering this workshop!"—Kathy C.