Familiarize yourself with the planetary influences. 

Learn to transcend victim consciousness through understanding your astrology.

Learn the foundational language of astrology as it operates in the natural horoscope.  

Learn how all of the planets and points operate energetically so that you can begin to apply this language to your natal chart in Level 2.  

This foundational course of astrology will support you in better understanding yourself and the planetary influences of those around you. 

Upon completion of this course, you will be able to move into Level 2 and Level 3. 

Level 2 explains how the planets and points potentially operate in individual natal charts.  Your entire signature, which includes much more than your sun sign, represents a specific configuration to help you discover your unique path and purpose.   

Each natal chart looks different than the “natural chart” learned in Level 1. 

Depending on the birth place and time, each of us holds a unique configuration - a geometric signature.  Geometry is frozen music, and being familiar with only your sun sign is like playing one note in the entire symphony.   

Level 3 explains how the aspects, which are harmonic relationships between the points and planets, operate in the chart and influence your life path

When we learn to give voice to all of the “notes”, even the dissonant ones, we accept the process of becoming “whole”, and in doing so, we also awaken to our soul’s purpose.

Course curriculum

  • 1


    • Language Of Astrology - Introduction
    • Introduction
  • 2

    Lesson One

    • Language of Astrology - Lesson 1
    • Language of Astrology - Lesson 1 Worksheet
    • Module 1 Yin and Yang
  • 3

    Lesson Two

    • Language of Astrology - Lesson 2
    • Language of Astrology - Meditation 2
    • Language of Astrology - Worksheet 2
    • Lesson 2 Four Elements
  • 4

    Lesson Three

    • Language of Astrology - Meditation 3
    • Language of Astrology - Lesson 3
    • Lesson 3 Three Modes
  • 5

    Lesson Four

    • Language of Astrology - Lesson 4
    • Language of Astrology - Meditation 4
    • Lesson 4 Moon, ASC, Nodes
  • 6

    Lesson Five

    • Language of Astrology - Lesson 5
    • Language of Astrology - Meditation 5
    • Lesson 5 Mercury - Saturn ASC Nodes
  • 7

    Lesson Six

    • Language of Astrology - Lesson 6
    • Language of Astrology - Meditation 6
    • Lesson 6 Uranus, Neptune, Pluto
  • 8

    Final Wrap Up

    • Final Wrap

Jennifer Gehl is author of two books, The Science of Planetary Signatures in Medicine, with Marc S. Micozzi, MD, and The Return of Planet Sedna both of which offer comprehensive information on the human-cosmic connection, and how we all are connected through the matrix of energy consciousness.

While researching the “doctrine of signatures” for her first book, it became apparent to Jennifer that the birth chart is the human application of this doctrine, which states that “nature marks each growth… according to its curative benefit”.  Every human being is imbued with the energies of heaven and earth, and the birth chart can provide clues to our own ability to heal – to UNITE body, mind, and spirit.

“I hold a Bachelor’s in Music (violin), and for the last four decades, I’ve studied and applied astrology with utter fascination in its profound ability to get to the core of self-understanding.  I have been equally fascinated by the power of sound vibration to transform stagnant energy and restore harmony to the body, mind, and spirit.  My post college education involved several energy therapies, including Acutonics®, for which I became certified, yoga, massage, non-degree graduate courses in Chinese Medicine, and a Master’s in Health Sciences.”