Discovering Your Genius:

Living in Alignment With Your Conscious and Unconscious Blueprint

Did you know that life gave you an instruction manual for Being Who YOU Are? You have a personal blueprint and unique choice making strategy for creating life, love and work that resonate with YOUR heart and soul.

What is this "personal blueprint" for life?

Life is a series of choices, decisions and responses to moments in time. When you know how to trust yourself and are confident in the choices you make, you align with your greatest power. Aligned with your power, you find your wings, you reclaim your passion, purpose and voice and life takes on ease and flow. You can enjoy the ride, embrace your freedom and fulfill your greatest vision - all on your terms! What a way to live!

The purpose of your personal blueprint is to empower you to live life on YOUR terms, according to your true nature, and to know what is correct for you without depending on anyone else. It is truly a tool for freedom and liberation.

The Discovering Your Genius System has been the standard for personal analysis and transformation since 1987.

If you ARE ready to:

  • live from your greatest strengths and talents
  • align with and live from your power
  • live with passion and purpose
  • trust your inner power and truth
  • empower your relationships, your finances, your job or career and squeeze every ounce of joy and juice from your journey as you can...

Course curriculum

  • 1


    • Definitions

    • Level One Video

    • Level One Audio

  • 2


    • The Nine Centers

    • Level Two Video

    • Level Two Audio

  • 3


    • Undefined Centers & Conditioning

    • The 12 Defense Mechanisms of the Not-Self

    • The 12 Profile Combinations

    • Level Three Video

    • Level Three Audio

Tuck Self is a Certified Life Development Coach in Communication, Certified Natural Law Coach, Certified Hypnotist, Quantum Success Coach, Fitness and Intuitive Eating Coach, and a Human Design Specialist and Consultant.

Certified BG5™ Career & Business Consultant

Certified Listening & Communication Coach